Flap Over Flag Flying on Faux Florida Flagpole


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The American flag flying over the city of Parkland, FL is attached to an American Tower pole, a fact previously unknown to local resident Bob Telio when he posted a public complaint about the state of Old Glory. ParklandTalk.com reported on the heated exchange between Telio and Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky. 

In the aftermath of tropical storm Isaias, the condition of the flag was questioned by Telio, who chided the city for not making its maintenance a top priority. City Manager Nancy Morando responded on behalf of the mayor’s office, stating that strong winds had wrapped the flag around its own rope. Morando issued assurances that the flag was straightened out after the storm passed and did not appear to be suffering from tatters or fading. 

In an online post, Telio referred to the current flag as “woefully under-matched to a pole so tall and of such girth,” as well as “proper for [Telio’s] front lawn flagpole.” 

The unresolved matter of the flag’s size awaits a response from American Tower. In earlier communications, American Tower explained that it selected a flag of modest size to ease pressures on the pole and pulley rigging. The City of Parkland noted that its agreement with American Tower does specify a larger flag. 

“We’ve been trying to reach them for two months, and they haven’t responded,” Morando said, “We plan to discuss future direction with our attorney.” 

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