Florida Commission Postpones Cell Tower Debate


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The request for a 100-foot monopole by Vertex Development LLC has been put on hold at the request of the applicant. Hometown News, reported the controversial project, presented in May 2018, has support from residents but may not meet county code requirements, specifically the required 100-foot fall radius.

According to County Development Review Coordinator Linda Pendarvis, “The proposed conditional use may have an adverse effect on the nearby properties because the proposed telecommunications tower will not comply with setbacks and separation requirements. The tower may fall outside the property boundaries and may impact the surrounding land uses and obstruct access on Gilson Road.”  

Regarding public support, 110 petitions were received from Harbor Ridge residents who are “for” the project, according to Pendarvis, and during the commission meeting, 64 members of the public in attendance raised their hands to approve the project. Commissioner Chris Dzadovsky made the motion to approve the extension request citing they “attempted to come to a resolution in order to have better cell phone reception in the area.”

“We have two communities that have argued the case and argued the case well, and so what we’ve all said to the applicant is go back and find a solution. I think that that is what that group is attempting to do,” Dzadovsky added.

The Commission unanimously voted to postpone the hearing on both the conditional use permit and a separate variance request until its November 13 meeting, reported Hometown News.

November 8, 2018

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