Gap Wireless Distributing Sentera Drones, Image Management to Canada


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Gap Wireless, a leading Canadian company distributing products and services for the mobile broadband and Test & Measurement markets, has added Sentera LLC UAVs (drones) and big data management software solutions to its extensive product inventory. Sentera’s recently introduced OnTop™ Platform for desktop and mobile applications will enable cellular and broadcast providers across Canada to efficiently manage big data associated with tower site inspection imagery.

Information that was previously unfeasible or unaffordable to obtain is now accessible by simply flying a UAV, capturing images and analyzing the resulting data. Gap Wireless will be distributing Sentera’s sensors and ‘aircraft’ along with other industry-supported UAV models which will enable easy site inspections for challenging locations such as cell and broadcast antenna installations.

Gap Wireless will also be distributing Sentera’s OnTop Platform which takes infrastructure inspection imagery to the next level. The platform provides an integrated mobile app and desktop client that can analyze image data and record the exact location, date, time, and asset type associated with every inspection photo. Photos are assigned to the correct site and are presented in a searchable map view, making it an ideal image management tool.

To find out more about Sentera’s drones, go here

See Sentera’s drone video on You Tube here.

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