GeoBroadcast Solutions Establishes Infrastructure for First FM at 1WTC


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Several New York City television broadcasters returned to One World Trade Center earlier this year, thanks to a joint effort between The Durst Organization and the Port Authority. This marked the first time broadcasters had a presence in the World Trade Center since the events of 9/11, Inside Towers reported.

Now, a PSI broadband panel antenna for the first FM at 1WTC (on 104.7 FM MHz) has been installed on the second ring of a three-ring grid on the spire at 1WTC, GeoBroadcast Solutions tells Inside Towers. Multiple stations can potentially use the antenna, via combining onto the PSI antenna. 

GBS worked with station owner Rahul Walia to find spectrum in the New York City market in order to move its translator (W284BW) from Perth Amboy, NJ. To support the 104.7 FM broadcast, the GBS team struck a deal with WPAT(FM) to lease its HD2 sub-channel.

“We’re focused on helping broadcasters find new homes in major markets where valuable spectrum is at a premium,” says engineering industry consultant Bert Goldman, who works with GeoBroadcast Solutions. “Once the deal was confirmed, the GBS team managed the signal design to maximize the station’s coverage potential throughout the New York City region.” He said the process took two years to formulate and execute.

GBS partners with GatesAir for transmission and IP distribution equipment.

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September 11, 2018