Geoverse and Communications Technology Team Up on Temporary LTE/5G


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Geoverse and Communications Technology Services (CTS) are teaming up to provide portable private LTE/5G networks to better serve the temporary enterprise demand. The newly formed alliance will, among other strategies, use small cells to broadcast LTE/5G wireless signals for their various platforms.Through this partnership, Geoverse and CTS will provide turnkey, portable private LTE/5G networks for temporary situations where robust connectivity is essential.

“As we step further into this age of automation and connectivity, more and more industries want to use paperless communication, computer vision, robotics, and artificial intelligence to handle high-risk tasks,” said Geoverse CEO Rod Nelson. “Construction is no different. However, construction sites are highly fluid and temporary environments. Having high-performance connectivity across the site greatly helps with many underlying processes to get a project done safely, securely, and on schedule.”

In the past, according to Nelson, locations like these have often relied on WiFi connectivity. WiFi is well suited for applications like web surfing or sending an email. However, Nelson says it has some known limitations when it comes to security, connectivity performance, and application support, all of which are concerns when it comes to these types of operating environments.

Temporary locations, such as pop-up hospitals combating COVID-19, also benefit from having security to ensure HIPAA compliance, as well as the seamlessness and reliability ensured by these private LTE solutions. “Far too often, private LTE and WiFi solutions are seen as competitors. However, they both provide different roles in companies and function best when coexisting,” Nelson said.

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