Getting Cell Service is an Uphill Climb in Mount Kisco


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Residents in the New York community are struggling to both improve their reception and keep their skyline free from unnatural monopine trees. Striking the right balance between connectivity and scenery has proven to be a challenge, reports

Two recent proposals from Homeland Towers requested the addition of two new 100-foot towers. 

Local government, the Mount Kisco Board of Trustees, voted against them. This left some residents cheering, and others frustrated by the lack of reliable cell phone service. John Stockbridge was among the cheerers, saying, “We’re not trying to deny people coverage for their communication.”

Neighboring Greenburgh is facing a similar situation.  “Forget Gs,” said Greenburgh’s community development and conservation commissioner, Garrett Duquesne, “they don’t have service, period.” His town recently shot down a proposal to build a 130-foot tower.  Duquesne said the poor cell service is a safety concern. A small-antenna system would help boost the signal in some areas but might not be enough to provide adequate coverage. 

The Wireless Infrastructure Association, noted, has stated that future 5G demands will make both full sized towers and booster systems a necessity.  The town of Bedford is looking for opportunities to work in tandem with telecoms like Homeland. “We want to be proactive so that we can identify areas where we have [coverage] issues and try to address those issues before a cell carrier or a tower developer comes in with an application that we may not agree with,” said Chris Burdick, Bedford Supervisor.  The town is currently in the process of adding cell tower equipment to its existing water tower.

March 19, 2019

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