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By Alyssa Stahr
Inside Towers Special Correspondent

columbia safethThe company’s new facility in Atlanta is the next step in GME’s goal of a more nationwide presence in the next three to five years. The approximate 32,000 square-foot building includes two training towers and a training classroom.


gmeGME Supply Company is a premier outfitter of contractor equipment and industrial supplies. GME was founded in 2005, and services the needs of industries including cell tower maintenance, tower and steel construction, oil and gas, wind generation, residential and commercial construction, manufacturing, and maintenance.

GME is a worldwide distributor of industrial supplies and equipment, including MultiWave Sensors’ Smart Aligner System, an advanced antenna alignment system.

Caleb Messer, vice president of business development, is excited about the increase and focus on rigging equipment like the alignment system that is out on the market.

“A lot of manufacturers that were traditionally making products that were originally designed to be used with wire rope [for example]. Now they’re making products that are actually designed to be used with the synthetic rope that people in the telecom industry are using,” Messer said.          

Messer said the company is seeing the “first wave” of this, with customer asking for assistance in developing product or what standards people in the industry are looking for. “That’s a huge change.” Messer said another item that may have a big impact on the telecommunications industry are the chest ascent, or cable grab devices.

GME Supply wants to reiterate its commitment to the industry, having served as a NATE Infinity sponsor for the last three years. The company also invests time in the industry among the president, vice president of operations, Messer, regional salespeople and more, with leadership positions on regional wireless associations, a board membership on the National Wireless Safety Alliance, along with the tower industry registered apprenticeship program.  

GME Supply is also involved in the wireless industry safety task force meetings. Messer is the chair of the product development subcommittee for NATE, and the company has employees who sit on the trade show committee.

“There’s a lot of ‘stuff’ that we’re doing to not only try to support this industry, but anyone who works at height,” Messer said. “That’s something that’s a little different about us. We don’t just pedal products; we have people there trying to make a difference from the policy-making level, and also at getting as much knowledge and information that they can to be a trusted asset.”

The company has a commitment to sustainability. The Boone County, MO-based headquarters is the only net zero electricity building in the county. Skytracker solar panels use a small solar powered GPS device, based on latitude/longitude and the time of the year, orienting a series of mirrors toward the horizon where the sun is. During the day, that’s how the company lights its showroom and offices. Solar panels on the other end of the building help generate more electricity than the building consumes.

The bottom line commitment is with suppliers and customers. The company mission statement that every person has on his or her desk, lists stakeholders, employees, clients and vendors.

“The idea is we understand that each of those different groups must be successful,” Messer said. “We don’t manufacture anything, so unless we have successful relationships and promote the brands of our partners, there’s not really anything to gain from that. Without our customers, we’re absolutely nothing.”

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