Grammy-Nominated Crop Duster Pilot Killed After Plane Hits Tower Wire


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John Allen Seay, Jr. died May 14, when the crop-dusting plane he was flying near West, TX crashed after it hit a guy wire on a cell tower. He died Saturday afternoon after being ejected from the aircraft. Waco’s KWTX-TV website showed a seared aircraft in pieces in an open field.  

The station reported the 75-year-old pilot was a Grammy-nominated musician who had a long career as a singer and songwriter. He performed under the name Johnny Sea and began his entertainment career when he was 17.

His family told KWTX after years of performing, Seay spent more than 30 years of flying a crop duster and logged in more than 18,000 hours of flying time. He walked away from a crash in July 1983.

“Our hearts are completely broken,” noted Seay’s daughter on the website. “The greatest man I ever knew, died on the afternoon of Saturday, May 14th doing what he loved. He was in a plane crash while crop-dusting in West, TX.”

Seay leaves behind nine children and 14 grandchildren.

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