Guidelines for 5G: City Council Solicits Input from Communities


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South Euclid City Council’s Zoning and Planning Committee is developing guidelines in preparation for 5G small cell facilities and structures, reported

The state of Ohio already approved the Substitute House Bill 478 legislation that will allow for telecommunications companies to begin outfitting all of its communities with small cell facilities and structures in preparation for 5G technology. The devices will be put atop new and existing poles and some will be set up in close proximity to one another.

“There will be devices within 50 to 100 feet of each other,” said Community Services Director Keith Benjamin. “We’re going to try and co-locate as much as possible. These are eventually going to be on every side street,” he added.   

The State of Ohio is giving communities until August 1, to set up limited guidelines for small cell devices. Communities can influence factors such as the color of the devices, landscape plans, pole height and the method of installation. Municipalities will have 120 days to review applications from companies, be able to charge an application fee of up to $250 and set a pole height limit at 40 feet. The amendments also limit the number of applications a company can seek at any one time to 30.  

“They aren’t allowing us to do a lot,” Benjamin said. “It’s like they’ve taken home rule away from us on this one.”

Of proposed guidelines, Benjamin noted, “In light of the rapid changes in wireless communications, these design guidelines are not to be viewed as a static document, but will evolve as needed to address future advances in small cell facilities technology, innovations that improve the ability for these facilities to integrate into the surrounding environment, and the changing needs of the city of South Euclid.”

City Council is expected to vote on its guidelines at its July 23 meeting, reported

July 13, 2018         

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