Happy Birthday to Us


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When someone turns six, they start to become aware of themselves, maybe get a little mouthy, testing boundaries, demanding attention, developing a personality and a voice all their own. At Inside Towers, we can plead guilty to almost all of that on our sixth birthday. Not only are we one of the youngest mediums in the field but one of the loudest when it comes to projecting ourselves on a daily basis across the wireless infrastructure industry.

We’ve done some growing in many ways. While our editorial staff is still anchored by our Washington Bureau Chief, Leslie Stimson, providing you, our readers, with the most comprehensive coverage of tower news in and outside of the Beltway, we’ve added industry-savvy Kristen Stelzer, who knows a gin pole from a gin fizz, to cover feature articles such as our Women in Towers series and our popular Spring and Fall Showcases. Along with John Celentano, an always insightful industry veteran, and Keara Piekanski filling many editorial roles, I am one lucky editor to have these talented “tools” at my disposal but, more importantly, to have them help bring our readers the multi-faceted news this industry generates.

This year has seen us enter another dimension media-wise with the introduction of our podcast, Tower Talks. We have conducted 20 interviews in 10 months time. I want to thank everyone who has given us their valuable time and equally valuable thoughts on the wireless infrastructure market. While there has been a learning curve both technologically and stylistically, the job is getting smoother and more comfortable with each effort. We are glad to provide such great content directly from industry leaders in a bright, new and travel-friendly format.

We are supported by a terrific marketing staff led by Megan Reed, a master of social media promotions for Inside Towers and our wonderful advertisers. Industry veteran Phil Cook, a former publisher of Mobile Radio Technology himself, brings his ‘street cred’ and knowledge of the industry to the mix as a knowledgeable and trusted marketing consultant. Our Creative Director, Cara Aston keeps us looking sharp and is always at the ready to deliver fantastic customized artwork at the drop of a hat (see cake above). DeAnn Combs, our Digital Content Manager, tucks us in and puts this unruly six year old to bed in “the Chimp” every single night so we can wake up fresh each morning and do it all over again. And last but not least, the one who writes the checks, Loree Reed.

The founders and fearless leaders of our enterprise, George Reed and Eddie Esserman, have kept their vision for a daily tower newsletter alive with forward-thinking but gentle guidance in letting our company evolve and change along with the industry.

All-in-all, the future is bright for this precocious six year old. Not many candles to blow out but the cake sure tastes good.

By Jim Fryer, Managing Editor, Inside Towers

October 23, 2019

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