Homeland Towers Takes Upstate NY Towns to Court


Update:  As reported by Inside Towers this June, Homeland Towers has continued to meet resistance as it attempts to bring improved cell service to rural New York.  The original proposal was for a 180-foot Vineyard Road hillside tower in Philipstown and a 110-ft tower above the Cold Spring Cemetery in Nelsonville, reports The Highlands Current.  Homeland Towers, and partner Verizon Wireless, were forced to file lawsuits when both municipalities blocked construction of the towers.

With the encouragement of the court, Homeland and Philipstown are in negotiations for an alternate, less objectionable site within the Vineyard property.  The proposed re-location for the Nelsonville tower would place the tower on Philipstown highway department property. Philipstown Supervisor Richard Shea indicated that it would benefit both sides if they are able to reach an agreement, adding, “The sheriff really, really wants a communications antenna here in town.”  

Shea also noted that including the second tower in his town “would eliminate the issue for Nelsonville.”  It would also give Philipstown the tower revenue, an amount not yet determined. Nelsonville mayor Bill O’Neill said that his town, “had not been involved in any settlement discussions.”  Homeland attorney Robert Gaudioso previously stated that alternate locations, even with a higher tower, would not adequately address coverage gaps.

Negotiations for acceptable tower sites continue.  As Shea stated, “Nobody likes to see towers, but they are a necessary piece of the infrastructure for devices like personal phones.  Everybody has one, so we’re all guilty.” Comments? Email us.

December 3, 2018