Homerun For Verizon Tower Project


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The Village of Waukesha, WI approved a 190-foot tall tower for Infinity Fields Baseball Park, reported GM Today. After three public hearings, Diamond Communications was finally granted a conditional use permit to build the Verizon Wireless tower. 

The tower will be a replacement for an existing Verizon structure that is no longer operable. The new tower is planned for the baseball complex’s parking lot and will include a five-foot lightning rod at the top, plus space for co-location of up to four carriers. 

During last Thursday’s meeting, Village Planning Consultant Shaun Mularkey communicated the new conditions of the permit agreed to by the village and Diamond Communications. The tower would be galvanized but not painted, and that each of the compounds at the site would be surrounded by brick enclosures, reported GM Today

Before approving the tower, one resident spoke up about health concerns. Sarah Carstens, whose home sits just 500 yards south of where the tower is slated to be constructed, urged village officials to deny the permit.

“This is going to be debilitating to me. I have several autoimmune deficiencies that this will affect,” Carstens said, pressing officials to consider the Americans with Disabilities and Fair Housing Acts.

Diamond Communications’ attorney reminded officials that the “FCC prohibits local boards from barring cell towers due to perceived health implications.” Members of the village’s Plan Commission and Village Board went on to approve the project. 

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