Hoosier Homeowner Challenges State Cell Tower Allowances


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Representing North Willow Farms Homeowners Association, Indiana resident David White and his supporters want their state legislators to give more weight to local concerns when approving cell tower construction. As White told WTHR-TV, “I asked them to consider amending the bill [HB 1164] so that it is a little bit more intelligent about what it allows carriers to do when they are operating in residential areas. I do feel like David fighting Goliath,” he added. 

White has stated that he believes that HB 1164 gives local government too little voice in decisions on new cell tower projects. He objects to language in the bill that allows carriers to rely solely on their own judgment concerning tower placement in a community. He also does not like the fact that no height restrictions are included in the bill.   

On the flip side, the City of Indianapolis has had two lawsuits filed against it for denying tower construction that meets current federal guidelines. The lawsuits were filed by contractors for Verizon. 

Though currently on hold, House Bill 1164 should be back on the committee floor later this month. White told WTHR-TV that his online petitions are gaining momentum and he is hopeful that his anti-tower rhetoric has caught the ear of the legislators who will be reviewing the bill. “I am going to continue fighting this as hard as I can for as long as the bill is under consideration,” he said.  

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