Hotels Lead the Way in Developing New In-Building Solutions


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Hotel properties come in many sizes, from single stand-alone buildings to large resorts spread across sometimes hundreds of acres. Being one of the industries that is most sensitive to providing comfort for their customer base, hotels have pushed the envelope by providing the latest in IoT infrastructure and in-building support. Ruckus is one of those companies leading the charge with innovative fiber deployments such as fiber-to-the-room, all while enabling new IoT solutions.

Partnering with IoT ecosystem vendors such as ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, AVSystem,, Qubercomm, Telkonet and TraknProtect, Ruckus hopes to empower hoteliers to support the latest IoT use cases on a unified network infrastructure. Their new solutions include connected entry, safety buttons, asset, room tray and vendor tracking, energy management, online thermostats and location-based advertising. These vendor solutions are integrated into the Ruckus IoT Suite, enabling a common IoT dashboard and sophisticated rules-engine functionality that allows sensor alerts to trigger actions by other devices.

The Ruckus Fiber Backpack is a purpose-built, field-installable, fiber-to-Ethernet media converter accessory that provides a pluggable fiber interface for industry-leading Ruckus H510 wall-mounted APs. It also provides Power over Ethernet for the associated H510 AP and supports both passive optical networking and Active Ethernet SFP modules. When paired with Ruckus fiber switches, such as the ICX 7150-24F, the Fiber Backpack enables network designers to easily deploy, standardize and cost-optimize end-to-end fiber solutions. 

“In the global hospitality industry, interoperability between multiple applications and vendors is key to helping hotels plan for the future, where higher guest and operations bandwidth consumption present real challenges for existing hotel networks,” said Larry Birnbaum, vice president of Global Hospitality and MDU, Ruckus Networks. “In addition, our customers and partners see the great value our fiber solutions offer, and it enables us to deliver a faster, richer hotel network while providing flexibility to support the many functions required by hotel operations.”

June 28, 2019

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