How Do We Build Towers in Dewey Beach?


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The Delaware seaside community of Dewey Beach isn’t against cell towers, per se, but many feel they shouldn’t be seen on the beachfront. As reports, DelDOT, the Delaware Department of Transportation, has the legal clearance to all Dewey Beach roads, but some residents have spoken up to lobby for aesthetics.

“We’re the only town that has these towers on the beachfront, as you’re entering the beach,” said Dewey Beach resident, Ben Proctor. He said in Bethany, the towers are “four blocks back and Rehoboth is using existing infrastructure.” You can’t see the towers from the beach in Fenwick or Lewes, according to Proctor.

“Tear down these poles, let’s move them to Route 1, let’s put ‘em where every other town is putting them because the outrage of this situation will not stop,” agreed neighbor, Jeff Smith.  

Inside Towers previously reported on the installation of 5G cell poles in Rehoboth Beach, where the community opted to conceal them in more visually appealing street lights. However, DelDOT’s jurisdiction over the roadway right-of-ways means it’s not required to consider the wishes of those who don’t like the appearance of undisguised cell tower equipment.

Town commissioners support an ordinance that would require telecoms to apply for permits before any construction can begin. They expressed a hope that wireless delivery can come to Dewey Beach in a manner that is acceptable to all parties, without it becoming a matter for the courts.

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