Huawei Self-Reports on Eight 5G Commercial Uses


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UPDATE In a white paper released by Huawei, the embattled Chinese telecom equipment giant identified eight applications for 5G commercial use. Huawei equipment has been blacklisted for use on U.S. cell sites. Its Huawei Wireless X Labs division notes that after considerable research, the eight commercial opportunities are: 

  • Product quality inspection Cloud Vision and Cloud Testing for smart factories
  • Engineering machinery Cloud Tele-operation for smart mines and ports
  • Cloud Video for Safe Road and Bridge
  • Inter-machine Coordinated Control for smart warehouses
  • Cloud Gaming
  • Cloud VR
  • 4K/8K video
  • Cloud Live Broadcasting

Speaking on behalf of Huawei, a spokesman said, “Huawei is committed to providing high-quality 5G connections and enabling the digital modernization of industries. Huawei looks forward to cooperating with industry partners and network operators to innovate and accelerate the development of 5G applications in more domains, and to build a brighter future together.” 

Huawei’s white paper concludes that 5G will be essential to powering B2B functions across varying bandwidths, and will require high reliability and low latency. The speed and connection quality of 5G is expected to pervade available market space and increase in value as more applications depend upon it.  

October 31, 2019 

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