Hundreds of Residents and Mayor Just Say “No” to Verizon Monopole


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Over 300 residents have signed a petition against a Verizon 120-foot monopole, and the Mayor has sent a letter to the attorney for the Department of Transportation opposing the project, reported the Pelham Examiner.

In the letter to Crown Castle, Pelham Manor (NY) Mayor Jennifer Monachino Lapey wrote, “The negative impact on property values and the deleterious effect on the historic character of our village and natural surroundings would be untenable to our residents. As a result, my colleagues on the board and I all object to this monopole proposal and urge Crown and the NYSDOT to find a more suitable location outside of our largely residential, historic village,” she said. 

In the petition, residents cited opposition including that the tower will be a “constant eyesore,” will not blend into the aesthetic of their community and “stick out like a sore thumb,” will directly impact property values, plus poses health risks. The petition also states that another monopole is unnecessary when others already exist in the area.

The village does not have a say regarding the construction of the tower since the proposed location is on state land. The tower location has already been moved once by the DOT after village residents and school officials protested its proximity to the Pelham high school/middle school complex, according to the Examiner.

August 5, 2019     

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