I Have a Thousand Issues With Inside Towers


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Seriously, a thousand. Where do I start? Oh yeah, back in July of 2017 where I only started with one, then two, then…cue the spinning-calendar montage…to my one thousandth issue today.  My, how time flies when you go at a daily pace. 

It has been my honor, as the Managing Editor of Inside Towers, to head up a talented team of reporters and editors who all share a dogged commitment to bring “it,” the wide world of wireless infrastructure, to you, our readers, every day. At times I have called our deadlines “a cruel mistress” because “she” will not be compromised nor will bend nor say “take the day off honey, you’ve had a long week.” Nope. The standards and the pace were set before I got here and they continue to this day: keep it insightful, keep it balanced, keep your focus on the core issues and, for God’s sake, keep it coming. 

Hamlet compared acting to “holding a mirror up to nature.” I like to think, amateur actor that I am, we are holding a mirror up to the industry so you can see others as well as yourselves. While we are chroniclers of the tower industry’s many accomplishments, we don’t shirk the negative issues, the tragic occurrences and the myriad of roadblocks it faces on a daily basis. We would be of little value to you if we left that part out.

So by my rough calculation, that’s about 12,500 stories of varying shape, size and depth I’ve thrown at you every morning at 6 a.m. It’s been quite a diverse menu of news “omelets” we’ve served up to you every weekday at sunrise over this three-and-a-half year span. The sad passing of industry leaders and bold tower techs alike, the ‘sturm und drang’ of zoning meetings nationwide (our beloved “Zoning & Moaning”), the confounding happenings inside the D.C. Beltway (expertly delivered by Leslie Stimson, our Washington Bureau Chief), insights by analysts and industry veterans, happenings, financial news, events, our daily Tower Shot photos (compiled by our creative and talented Art Director, Cara Aston) all tamed and corralled into a tidy, readable format delivered to your desktop before your morning coffee has had a chance to get cold. 

We proudly see ourselves as second to none in our coverage of this industry and in our commitment to keeping you informed of what is on the near horizon, good and bad. I consider an issue incomplete if we don’t work at least one actionable item into the fray. It may be direct, like an RFP with link, or it could be a little more subtle, using dog-whistle phrases like “township undecided,” “company expanding,” “poor coverage area,” “underserved market” or “new regulations.” If I can throw a little humor in the headline or an obscure music reference (most recently: “ Stop 5G NWA, Straight Outta’ Rogers “) or a bad pun or a play on words, indulge me, we all deserve a break from the mundane. 

In the end, this industry deserves and demands daily news coverage…I’ve said it a thousand times!

As always, I remain at your disposal for comments, tips, gripes and keto recipes. Contact me at jim@insidetowers.com

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