If You’re “Calling in the Marines,” You’re Probably Using PacStar Equipment


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PacStar®, is a developer and supplier of advanced communications solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Two contracts inked in the past month with the Army and Marines will net the company roughly $300 million in revenue. PacStar CEO Peggy Miller began the business over 19 years ago in Portland, OR selling IT equipment to military bases overseas. 

Her company’s equipment helps keep mobile units connected and informed combat operations where Army forces must often move or “jump” base locations to outmaneuver enemies or avoid attacks.  

The Army’s equipment, the PacStar Secure Wireless Command Post (SWCP) (WiFi),  is used by the U.S. Army Project Manager Tactical Network program (see VIDEO).  It reduces Size, Weight and Power (SWaP), speeding setup time of Command Posts, and increasing Warfighter mobility. The program uses a Commercial Solutions for CSfC to provide secure classified and unclassified WiFi to the Command Post. Initial fielding efforts to, corps and division headquarters and Army brigade combat teams.  

“PacStar SWCP small form factor delivers the benefit of WiFi to US Army Project Manager Tactical Network in a dramatically smaller form factor than prior solutions,” Miller said. “PacStar IQ-Core Crypto Manager reduces system complexity, providing rapid, intuitive management so that the Army can quickly extend its ability to securely transmit classified information to wireless networks.”

All required DoD certifications and accreditations were completed that were necessary to fully connect and field PacStar SWCP. The system is available for acquisition throughout the U.S. Army via the Army Common Hardware Systems program office, or directly from PacStar through a variety of other contract vehicles.

The Marine Air Ground Task force, also acquired SWCP for secure mobile computing at the battle space tactical edge with CSfC systems. The requirement is for a modular, man-portable equipment suite that allows the warfighter to quickly acquire targets in day, night, and near all-weather visibility conditions; and control close air support as well as artillery and Naval surface fire support missions. The MCH system will further serve as a digital information processing and display system that provides integrated, on-the-move secure, timely, and relevant Command and Control/Situational Awareness to tactical combat, combat support and combat service support commanders, leaders, and key C2 nodes using digital communications.

Under the program, PacStar will provide commercial, small-form factor, rugged networking modules based on the proven, industry-leading PacStar SWCP system. PacStar SWCP delivers CSfC capabilities with extensively certified components – making classified communications possible over commercial technologies – in tactical and expeditionary operations.

“PacStar SWCP small form factor enables US Marine Corps to leverage the power of smart mobile devices at the very edge of the network, for mission critical warfighting operations,” Miller said.

June 13, 2019        

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