Illinois Students Install Their Own Safety Towers on Campus


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Students at John A. Logan College in Carterville, IL have been instrumental in designing and implementing a solar-powered small cell system aimed at improving campus safety and communication. As KSFV-TV reports, the installation of six new small cell kiosks was the culmination of a year-long project. A grant from the Illinois Green Economy Network helped create the energy efficient network, an element that students said was important to them.

“We just connect our device up to it and just input all the information that the tower needs to connect from here to emergency call dispatch,” Casey Butler, a college sophomore. “It’s a pretty cool opportunity to be able to connect all the wires and make it all work.” 

“We had students that poured our concrete. We had students that installed the towers, and now we’ve got students today that are doing the link up with satellites and the cell signal, so that these things work,” said Interim Public Safety Director at John A Logan, Stan Diggs. “It’s bringing our security level to another level, to the next level. If something happens, people can call and get emergency assistance. They hit that button. It goes to campus police. The camera comes on at this location, so we can see the person whose requesting assistance, and it will also get our responders here quicker,” he added.

Students from different studies on campus, from departments ranging from Criminal Justice, to IT to Highway Construction, contributed to the project. “This is just another level of safety that John A Logan is offering to the public and our students here,” said Diggs upon the successful completion of the project. 

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