Industry Praises Latest Mid-Band Spectrum Available for 5G


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Industry reacted to the news late Monday that the Department of Defense and the Administration are making 100 MHz of mid-band spectrum available for FCC auction by December 2021. DoD uses 3 GHz for radar applications. It could be freed up quickly for sharing with commercial 5G without sacrificing national security or military uses, according to both. 

FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly has taken the lead at the agency on several spectrum auction details. He joined his colleague, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, in praising the action, Inside Towers reported yesterday. O’Rielly tweeted: “Details to examine but this should be considered a good development for 5G and overall spectrum policy.”  

“Opening up this critical block of mid-band spectrum for full power commercial operations will enhance U.S. competitiveness in the 5G ecosystem,” said CTIA President and CEO, Meredith Attwell Baker. The association praised the White House and Pentagon “for finding ways to promote our nation’s leadership of the emerging 5G economy while safeguarding vital defense operations.”

WISPA said the trade association is “greatly encouraged” by the news. “Spectrum is finite, and it must be shared if Americans are to gain the full benefits of wireless broadband,” said WISPA President/CEO Claude Aiken. “The CBRS band shows that a viable framework can be employed to do so – one which both protects national security and allows for commercial use. We want to thank all involved for working through the numerous complex technical arrangements to make available this valuable mid-band spectrum.” Sharing spectrum will benefit Americans, keeping them safe on the home front, and provide more of the fuel providers and the industry need to bring broadband to hungry consumers, he added.

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