Inside Towers Reader Takes Action on Story, Develops Bird Deterrent System


Wildlife Defense Systems, Inc. (WDSI) announced yesterday that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Hightower Communications of La Grange, NC to market, install, and maintain the company’s new Raptor II Cell Tower Bird Deterrent System (VIDEO).

“We were fortunate that Hightower Communication Founder Joel Hightower read a reprint of an article written about us in Inside Towers and contacted us. To have a company with their history and reputation work with us on the development and marketing of the product has given us a tremendous advantage in bringing the right products to the market,” said WDSI President Frank Woodward.

The Raptor II platform utilizes Wildlife Defense Systems’ patented tone technology which has increased yield by 30-40 percent in crops affected by birds, deer, and other nuisance animals; and provides industry leading deterrent solutions for the solid waste industry.   

The companies have been developing the product on a cell tower in northeast Florida (affectionately called the buzzard tower by locals) with impressive results. According to adjacent property owner Scott Kight, “the system has eliminated the stench that radiated from the tower into the surrounding area and reduced the buzzards from 80-120 per day, down to one to two which fly off as soon as the tone is activated and requires operation about six to eight minutes per day.”  

The companies have started marketing two products for the tower industry. A fixed solution for towers plagued by roosting and nesting birds and a mobile solution that can be moved between towers to provide a temporary deterrent solution protecting towers from seasonal nesting and migratory birds.  Steven Ross, COO of Hightower Communications added, “our management team has been looking for a bird deterrent solution for our customers that actually worked and WDSI has not let us down. We are looking forward to the impact this solution can have on our industry.”

March 13, 2018      

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