Is Your City Ready For the Digital Curb Challenge?


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Competing for curb space in most cities, particularly for commercial vehicles, is a constant battle with the unknown. The Smart City of tomorrow will have tools to  transform existing curb space into dynamic, bookable loading zones. One tech company, Coord, has announced they are looking for three cities to join them in the Digital Curb Challenge 2021. Coord said they want to help curb managers enlist new strategies and technologies and conduct a free Smart Zone curb management pilot program in 2021.

As part of last year’s inaugural Digital Curb Challenge, Coord partnered with Aspen, Nashville, Omaha (see video) and West Palm Beach to launch the first-ever Smart Zone pilot programs in these cities to better manage commercial loading. In 2021, they are looking for cities looking to build on the work of the 2020 cities to take Smart Zones to the next level. They’re looking for cities interested in Smart Zone programs that explore one or several of these features: 

  • Variable pricing to use different pricing for different times of day or different Smart Zones. This can help manage demand and improve availability for drivers, shifting more loading activity to times when it works well for the neighborhood (e.g., early mornings or overnight) or across more zones.
  • Exploring greater automation, booking drivers automatically into the best available Smart Zone near their destinations.
  • Deploying Smart Zones in public spaces beyond the curb, such as alleyways.
  • Exploring Smart Zones for recurring or predictable uses of public space, such as charter buses, intercity buses, or mobile vending.

To register for Digital Curb Challenge click here.

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