It’s the American Fork Way, Better Internet For Everyone


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American Fork, Utah, is not without internet, but residents want to make their connections even better, reports the Daily Herald.  A recent survey said that 96 percent of the town does have internet access but just having access isn’t enough, according to City Administrator, David Bunker.  

“We’ve noticed that not all of our residents have access to broadband services, and it can be very detrimental to certain segments of our population,” he said.

 “We feel that every resident in our community needs and deserves to have access to broadband.”

Mayor Brad Frost agreed, saying, “We really want to have some good connectivity within our city limits.” Frost stated that a solid infrastructure could be just the draw American Fork needs to entice more people to live there. The town currently boasts a population of 30,000, a number that the mayor speculates could double with reliable internet service. Construction could start as early as 2020, with a completion date projected in under two and a half years. “We certainly want to get going as quickly as possible,” Frost said.

A $25 million bond for funding the project will likely come from a utility fee collected from the residents. City Administrator Bunker said that the installation would be considered a utility because, “…we feel like this service is needed for every home. It’s equivalent to water or sewer or being able to get on the street and drive your car.”  He added, “We’re really excited about this project. “I think the biggest advantage for our residents is we really feel it will bring them better access and better economic freedom.” 

July 2, 2019

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