It’s the Girl Scouts vs. the Fire Company For Preferred Tower Site


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Whereas some communities battle to keep cell towers out, Spring, NY has companies competing to bring a new tower in, reports American Tower and Elite Towers are vying to be the first to construct a cell tower to support the town’s new emergency communications equipment.

In one corner sits American Tower, current holder of the contract for a tower at the Girl Scouts of Nassau County’s Flaggy Hole Road site. In the opposing corner, contender Elite Towers with its Springs Fire District, Fort Pond Boulevard firehouse contract hopes to be the one to woo the East Hampton Town Planning Board. 

Each claims to have the best solution for the town’s $11 million communications system upgrade. 

If selected, American Tower would construct a 150-foot monopole that would replace an existing 80 foot tower at the campsite. Elite Towers would break ground at a new location and build a 180-foot tower. No matter who builds towers, residents agree that better coverage is needed.  

“Our preference is whichever one gets done the quickest,” said Councilwoman Burke-Gonzalez. “Safety first.”

August 30, 2019   

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