J.D. Powers Study Shows Handset Website Buys on the Decline


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A recent survey released yesterday by J.D. Powers & Associates found that the percentage of device purchases made via carriers’ websites and overall level of customer satisfaction with those purchases has declined since the Volume 1 study, released in January 2019. The study also showed the total percentage of wireless purchases made via Amazon.com has increased by three percent during the same period, and customers who purchase via Amazon.com are much more satisfied with their purchase experience than with their carrier website (884 vs. 851, on a 1,000-point scale).

Other findings include: 

  • Wireless customers are more satisfied with carriers that position customer care as a product instead of an obligatory service. “Simply resolving a problem does not cut it anymore in terms of customer satisfaction,” said Ian Greenblatt, Managing Director at J.D. Power. “Wireless carriers with higher satisfaction ratings not only resolve problems the first time but delight their customers during their interaction. By treating customer service like a ‘capital-P’ product, the interaction goes beyond obligatory problem resolution, becoming a pleasant, personalized resolution experience with impressive gains in customer satisfaction.” See ranking of carriers.
  • The number of reported problems with wireless network quality, such as dropped calls, slow app performance and call quality issues, has decreased on a year-over-year basis for every major wireless carrier in the nation. “Wireless carriers are making significant investments in their infrastructure as they get ready to start the broader rollout of 5G networks,” Greenblatt said. “Those continued investments are paying off in clear-cut quality improvement across all aspects of the wireless user experience, from phone calls to streaming media to app use, and it’s happening on a nationwide basis with every brand in our study.” See rankings of carriers.

August 28, 2019                  

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