Judge Says to Build the Tower at the High School


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Dismissing protesters making a last ditch effort to nix the proposed Westmont High School cell tower, Pennsylvania Judge Fred Creany said the matter was settled. Plans for the new structure have been discussed at length, reported WJAC-TV Johnstown, and no new evidence warranted re-opening the discussion.

Opponents had their day in court last March, and had hoped for the earlier decision in the tower’s favor to be overturned. Original complaints cited possible health concerns and decreases in property values, with a warning about the dangers of falling ice. 

 At that time, the need for better cell service in emergency situations was weighted as the more important matter.

Speaking as a citizen who approves of better cell service, resident Joan Webb said,  “For the school, for the nursing home there, Laurel Wood Nursing Care Center, I mean these are major facilities that are taking care of people. You know you need to have a good contact. I just feel bad that how it was spoken in this hearing that we have to move ahead. There has to be change.”

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July 18, 2019

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