Keeping Workers Safe from RF Exposure for Nearly 40 Years


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L3 Narda Safety Test Solutions

L3 Narda Safety Test Solutions began its journey in the early 1970s, and has become a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of safety monitors for electromagnetic detection both domestically and internationally. L3 Narda Safety Test Solutions developed the first radiofrequency (RF) personal monitor designed to be worn on the body and holds 95 percent of worldwide patents on RF radiation equipment.

L3 Narda Safety Test Solutions offers several models of personal monitors for the detection of electromagnetic energy, including the Nardalert S3, RadMan and RadMan XT. These monitors alert the user to the danger of potentially harmful RF Radiation (electromagnetic energy), and as previously stated, are the only products on the market designed to be worn on the body. Their most popular model, the Nardalert S3, is the only personal monitor which has the ability to detect the heat of the RF energy, which causes the thermal effect that can overheat an individual’s body. The units then translate those levels into a percentage of allowable exposure limit, notifying the wearer immediately if they are at risk of overexposure to RF radiation.

So, how do these wearable devices work exactly? The company’s devices are simple to use once on the wearer’s body: simply switch the unit on and it will provide reliable warnings if threshold values are exceeded. For example, when an RF level reaches 50 percent of the threshold value, there is an audio alarm and LED light warnings. If the level reaches 100 percent (RadMan) or 200 percent (Nardalert, factory default), the wearer will hear a different alarm tone. These warning devices have been designed for daily use in the field and consume very little power except when in alarm mode, so batteries have a long lifespan. They also provide reliable measurements even at extreme temperatures (-10° C to +55° C).

For close to four decades, L3 Narda Safety Test Solutions has sold tens of thousands of RF safety units, and they’re proud of that accomplishment. “We’re pleased that our wearable personal monitors, the only units designed to be worn on the body, can detect accurate RF levels and help control RF exposure for workers in the field,” said Gerry Spinelli, Instrument Sales Manager. “If we can help an individual control the amount of RF radiation they’re exposed to, with real-time accuracy, and help them avert danger, we’re doing our job.”

L3 Narda Safety Test Solutions works with service carriers, infrastructure and tower companies, engineering firms and more. Basically, any company that has workers who might be exposed to potentially dangerous RF fields. “Workers need to control exposure to RF radiation to prevent symptoms such as headaches, heat stroke, loss of concentration and motor skills. All of which can lead to dangerous working conditions,” said Spinelli. “We’re proud that our wearable RF devices can assist in keeping workers safe,” he added.

L3 Narda Safety Test Solutions is a part of L3 Technologies, which is headquartered in New York City and has locations throughout the United States and internationally. For more information on L3 Narda Safety Test Solutions or the Nardalert S3, RadMan and RadMan XT units, please visit

April 19, 2018         

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