Kelseyville Tower Supporters Cite Fire Safety


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A meeting is planned for this morning, January 24, that will allow citizens in Kelseyville, California to express their concerns about a new cell tower to the Lake County Planning Board. The Lake County Record-Bee reports a group of concerned residents is expected to show up at the meeting.

The structure under debate is a Horizon Tower project to build an 85-foot monopole cloaked in a leafy disguise. 

The proposed tower would house up to four wireless carriers.

The Lake County Riviera area already has some towers, but the area’s high fire risk and communication deficits have many locals supporting an additional tower. “Public safety agencies in Lake County rely on cell phone and high speed data communications for command and control during fires,” Undersheriff Chris Macedo commented. “I strongly support the placement of cell sites in and around the county.”

Community Development Director Michalyn DelValle also favors the new tower, stating it would help, “to expand the use of informational technology in order to increase the County’s economic competitiveness, develop more informed citizenry, and improve personal convenience for residents and businesses in the County.”

Speaking for the tower detractors, Aurelia Johnson explained, “We’re not saying we don’t want cell service. We’d love to have better service, we just don’t want the tower right in our backyard.” She described the current emergency services as, “already functional enough.”  Fire concerns, Johnson added, make this a terrible time to build anything, and suggested that an alternate location further from residential neighborhoods would be ideal.

January 24, 2019

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