KP Performance Has New 8×8 MIMO Sector Antenna For the 5 GHz Band


KP Performance Antennas, a manufacturer of WISP antennas and accessories, announced last week a new 34-inch-tall MIMO sector antenna operating in the popular 5 GHz band that features eight inputs and HV-polarization.

“This new generation of multi-port antennas delivers true MIMO speed while being able to support twice as many customers with just one single sector,” said Justin Pollock, Ph.D., Antenna Engineer at KP Performance Antennas. “With only one mounting point on a tower, this single sector lowers infrastructure and installation costs in comparison to using two or four single-band sectors, making this a very attractive cost saving product for many of our WISP clients.”


KP’s new KP-5HVX8-65 sector antenna features dual-horizontal/vertical-polarization with a 65° azimuth beamwidth and eight ports, all within a single 34-inch radome. It delivers high gain over a wide bandwidth of 4.9 GHz to 6.4 GHz with up to 17.5 dBi gain at 5.9 GHz. The antenna is supplied with a robust, universal adjustable bracket with wide U-bolts for mounting on poles or tower legs up to 3.5-inches in diameter.

This new sector antenna from KP Performance has eight, 5 GHz ports with co-located patterns, all facing in the same direction. Connecting two, four-port radios provides additional redundancy and can be leveraged to increase capacity by using separate channels on each radio. Pairing the sector with two of Mimosa’s A5C radios (four ports each) provides an additional +2 dBi beamforming gain, which allows for extremely long shots with Mimosa’s high client speeds. Four of these antennas mounted to a tower provides complete 360° coverage which can be increased to six antennas for more dense applications.

March 7, 2018

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