Kristen Stelzer Joins Inside Towers Editorial Staff


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Inside Towers welcomes Kristen Stelzer to our editorial staff where she will be covering feature articles and heading up IT’s “Women in Towers” series. Kristen is both an experienced copywriter and a writing consultant for companies in engineering and telecom. She has an extensive background in law, civil engineering, and project management.

“We are thrilled to have Kristen join our staff,” said Jim Fryer, Managing Editor of Inside Towers. “Not only does she bring some solid background knowledge of the tower industry with her but her clear and lively writing style will be well received by our readers.”

“I used to read Inside Towers when I worked in the industry. ‘Zoning and Moaning’ helped me feel less alone… except when it was my project that was in there!” Stelzer said. “Then I read it because I wrote for companies in the industry. And now I’m writing for it…It feels like I’ve come full circle.” she said.

Having started in zoning and land development, she eventually became the Director of Development for a small tower company. “When I started, someone told me the telecom industry is like ‘Hotel California’…no one ever really leaves,” she said. “I think they were right.”  

Kristen especially enjoys working with women-owned businesses and their founders. She wants to coach and support them in getting their voices heard through speaking and writing.

“There were many times I was the only female in a room…many times I was treated differently. I can relate to these women. It’s why I’m so excited to be writing the ‘Women In Towers’ series. It’s vital for women to open up, but often they’re just too busy to share their experiences. It’s really a privilege for me to help them tell their stories.” 

When she’s not writing, Kristen reads, climbs, and hangs out with her husband, son and dog. If she’s feeling especially ambitious, she tries to get her three-year-old to see logic. Email Kristen to welcome her to the IT team. 

July 18, 2019

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