Land Mobile Group Submits Matrix to FCC to Improve Spectrum Efficiency


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The Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) submitted an Interference Contour Matrix in response to the Report and Order and Order recently adopted by the FCC.  

The Matrix specifies recommended derating factors to be used when Frequency Advisory Committees (FACs) process applications for full-channel 25 kHz or adjacent channel 12.5 kHz “Interstitial” 800 MHz frequencies.  The factors are based on using an F(50,10) curve when calculating an interference contour and, using both incumbent and proposed system emission designators, are intended to promote spectral efficiency by minimizing the necessary separation between transmitter sites on adjacent channels.  

The LMCC had previously submitted a matrix that was based on its recommended F(50,50)curve, but the FCC rejected that proposal and elected to retain the traditional F(50,10) curve, which necessitated changes to the derating factors.

The LMCC has requested reconsideration of this aspect of the Report and Order.  However, in the event the FCC does not grant the request, the derating factors in the Matrix must be used to promote spectrum efficiency and ensure appropriate levels of interference protection for both full-channel and interstitial channel systems, according to the LMCC.  

To view the full filing click here.

March 28, 2019

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