Last Nail in the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Hammered Out


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UPDATE The long-awaited, $23 billion merger between T-Mobile and Sprint received unanimous final approval on April 16, from California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), reported Reuters. In March, the CPUC said it would approve the merger with conditions, which T-Mobile and Sprint agreed to uphold.

In 2019, the Justice Department and FCC sanctioned the merger on the condition that the combined wireless company sell off Dish Network assets. Reuters reported the biggest obstacle for the telecoms was a legal battle with state attorneys general who argued the deal would mean higher prices for consumers. However, in February, a U.S. federal judge overruled the argument, and the merger closed on April 1, Inside Towers reported.

The combined company now operates under the T-Mobile name and will trade on the NASDAQ as “TMUS,” according to the account. The objective of the deal was to allow both companies to join their high-band and low-band spectrum, enabling a faster roll-out of 5G.

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