Lawmakers Want More Towers In North County


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Within New York’s rural North County, some areas lack adequate access to broadband and cell signals, reported WCAX-TV. At a recent legislative breakfast in Plattsburgh, NY officials discussed the need for better coverage.

Assemblyman Billy Jones noted that “roughly 40 to 50 percent” of calls and emails received deals with internet or cell phone coverage.  Sen. Betty Little added, “Everybody thinks we have 100 percent coverage and I don’t know who figures that out because they’re totally wrong. We’ve got to cover the gaps.”  

The lawmakers say they were disappointed to see Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget lacks funding for cell coverage. “He mentioned it twice in the state of the state and budget presentation and didn’t put any money into it,” said Assemblyman Dan Stec.

To fix the issues, lawmakers suggest more towers. WCAX reported that officials are working with the environmental agencies to find a way to protect the Adirondacks while bringing rural communities the coverage they need. Lawmakers say this is something that could make or break the quality of life for the people living in the North Country, especially for attracting new businesses and young people to the area.

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