Legislation Proposed to Keep Towers “On” in California


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When California attempts to address power shortages by initiating a temporary blackout, the power shuts down and shuts off many cell tower sites in the process. East Bay State Senator, Steve Glazer, proposed legislating that cell towers stay on when the power goes off, reports KRON-TV.

“Today, we’re proposing that the state require mobile phone companies to provide at least 72 hours of battery back-up on their towers, so that their cellular networks remain in service during these critical times,” stated Glazer.

 During a recent round of shut downs, the FCC reported that over three percent of the state’s cell phone towers were inoperable. “That’s hundreds and hundreds of cell sites,” said Glazer. 

The senator said that the public should not be endangered by the PG&E power outages. He thinks utilities should also be required to provide back-up batteries for individuals who rely on life-supporting machines.  

“We need to protect our communities from catastrophic wildfire, but we also need to protect them in the event of these power shutoffs from the things they live with everyday,” Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan told KRON-TV. The bill is expected to be introduced in January when the legislature returns for the next session.

November 25, 2019             

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