Locals Lock and Load to Fight Gun Club Tower


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Neighbors are fighting a proposed cell tower at the Wayland Rod and Gun Club, saying it will be an eyesore and a drain on property values, reported the MetroWest Daily News.

“Neighbors don’t want a big [cell] tower in their backyard,” said resident Vicki Kaplan.

Wayland Rod and Gun Club signed a contract with Verizon to place a 140-foot monopole on their 15-acre parcel. The tower is needed to close a gap in service, according to Verizon’s application, and the Gun Club location was “the best location for the tower.” Additionally, the tower can provide better communication for police and firefighters in emergencies, promoting public safety.

“Some people see the tower as a bad thing. I don’t, personally,” Rod and Gun Club President Stephen Garanin said.  

Resident Tom Gulley, who opposes the project, believes the tower violates a local bylaw that a tower can’t be within 150 feet of a residence. Additionally, based on the Gun Club’s history of not paying or paying only a portion of its property taxes over the past decade, Gulley believes the club wants a cell tower because it needs the revenue to pay its tax bill and other expenses.

Neighbors are exploring the possibility of hiring a lawyer to fight the tower, and, according to Gulley, that would take at least $10,000 in donations. Verizon still needs a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals to build the tower, reported the Daily News.

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September 10, 2018