The Lotis Engineering Group: Making it Happen For Over a Decade


Established over a decade ago, the Lotis Engineering Group is comprised of experienced engineers, scientists and environmental specialists providing high-quality and personalized environmental consulting services with nearly 100 years of combined experience.

Founded by David Robinson, a Professional Engineer with over 20 years of experience performing Environmental Due Diligence, the company was formed after Robinson began working on projects for the telecommunications industry.

“I was partnering with various telecom clients and saw the opportunity to grow along with this industry while doing work I was passionate about. That’s when I decided to forge my own path and founded a boutique engineering consulting company grounded in excellent customer service that provides fast project turnarounds,” said Robinson.

Since 2007, Robinson’s main focus as President and CEO has been to ensure his company’s mission is carried out every day.   

“At Lotis, we aim to exceed expectations so that each client feels that they are our only client.  We are loyal, honest, passionate and knowledgeable people who make it happen,” said Robinson. 

Environmental Due Diligence has been the heart and soul of Lotis since its inception.

Lotis has distinguished itself in the Phase I market through quick turnaround times and excellent communication with clients.  “Our number one focus when completing a Phase I is protecting the lender or buyer from future environmental liabilities. Company profits are never a factor in the environmental path we determine for each project. Through experience and technology, we’ve perfected our system and we’re proud of our quick Phase I turn around times,” said Robinson. “We also keep an open dialogue with clients throughout the process to ensure they’re informed of any challenges with the environmental inspection every step of the way.”

NEPA compliance studies are also a specialty of Lotis. Developing exclusive relationships with Native American Tribes, State Historic Preservation Offices, and other government agencies has allowed Lotis to keep turnaround times to a minimum.  By leveraging these relationships, Lotis is also able to creatively negotiate solutions when concerns are raised by interested parties.

Lotis has recently expanded into regulatory compliance with the key hiring of Robert Kuberka. Kuberka, Lotis’ new Director of Environmental Compliance, has over 30 years of experience working with remedial properties, solid/hazardous waste, and OSHA training. Kuberka has maintained senior positions in the compliance divisions of several large companies and corporations.  With the addition of Kuberka, Lotis has added the capability to perform environmental audits, site and risk management, health and safety planning and hazardous materials handling.

Robinson and his employees are devoted to building strong relationships with clients, and that includes working with the right partners. He noted, “One of my philosophies is to work with clients that share the same values. With every project, we’re always asking, ‘will this relationship allow us to deliver the best product, quickly, while providing excellent customer service?’”

Passion is also part of the equation. “I try to create an atmosphere where everyone wants to come to work every day and really enjoys their job so they can serve our clients well,” said Robinson. “To succeed in business, you have to be passionate about your work.”

The Lotis Engineering Group partners with both large telecommunications companies as well as smaller industry players. Clients include private, commercial and industrial property owners, national communications companies, financial institutions, and developers.

“We like to think of our clients as family. While working with us, we want them to feel like they’re the only client we have at that moment in time,” said Robinson. When asked about the changes on the horizon for the telecom industry, specifically 5G, Robinson noted, “The changes coming with small cells and macro towers are great for us. More environmental due diligence will need to be done and we look forward to working hand-in-hand with industry leaders.”

The Lotis Engineering Group is located in East Amherst, NY, and has provided over 20,000 site assessments for locations in all 50 states, Canada and the U.S. Territories. For more information or to contact a representative, visit

By Keara Piekanski for Inside Towers

November 29, 2018