Louisiana AG Says T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Will Help Deploy 5G


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Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry joined five other states and the U.S. Department of Justice in legal efforts backing the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. “Louisiana citizens living in rural communities deserve meaningful competition and reliable service,” said Landry. “I strongly support the proposed settlement and merger as the new T-Mobile will increase competition and prioritize rural expansion.”

That makes six states now championing the deal, which requires T-Mobile to sell assets to Dish to ease the satellite TV provider’s entry into the wireless market. The DOJ and the states say the new, merged telecom will be able to deploy a nationwide 5G network faster, and deeper into rural areas, together rather than if they each proceed as separate companies. But the transaction still faces a lawsuit from 16 states. 

“America continues to lead the world in the development and roll-out of 5G, next generation wireless networking,” Landry explained. “Unfortunately, costs of expansion and stagnant competition have left many in rural Louisiana and America behind.”

“Reversing this trend, and within six years of the completion of this merger, the new T-Mobile aims to provide coverage to 90 percent of rural America and offer in-home broadband service to over five and a half million rural Americans,” Landry continued. “This will provide dynamic competition to markets historically plagued with insufficient choice and inadequate expansion.”

August 20, 2019   

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