Lynk Boasts Five Cell Towers in Space With a Goal of 200


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Lynk Global has big plans to pepper the stratosphere with satellites. Announcing the successful launch of its fifth cell tower in space, called Shannon, Lynk predicts that it will soon have 200 units per month in production. The company reports that each low earth orbit launch brings it closer to its goal of establishing global commercial service in 2022.

According to Lynk, “Nobody should die because the phone in their pocket is not connected.” With its plans to make everyone-everywhere-emergency (EEE) alerts a key component of its service, Lynk sees its product as a potential life-saver. The idea is that even if ground operations are inoperable, emergency personnel will always have the satellite back-up to reach people in need.  

“Lynk is sitting in the center of a transformation in space access,” said Charles Miller, Lynk CEO and co-founder. “Our satellites are designed to take advantage of the emerging breakthrough in affordable space launch. When SpaceX, BlueOrigin, and others move the world from launches per month to launches per day, they will be launching Lynk satellites. Lynk is perfectly positioned to take maximum advantage of the coming revolution in cheap access to space.”

Miller added that the lessons learned from its first five space ventures will help Lynk gear up its “rapid do-learn loop,” designing and building a fleet of satellites in a quick and cost-effective manner. Shannon is both five times the mass and seven times the power of its predecessor, he noted, and created with mass production in mind.

Once granted FCC approval, Lynk says its commercial satellite service is ready to deploy. Lynk is still fine-tuning agreements with various MNO’s, and reports that it already works with 36 testing partners around the world and connects to 1.5 billion cell phone users.  

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