Marin County Cell Site Outages Up Slightly


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The number of cell sites out of service because of the California power outages is slowly creeping up. Pacific Gas & Electric expanded its power outages across northern California to about one million customers, meaning more than two million residents are affected, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The utility said customers could remain without power until Wednesday. 

PG&E has been shutting off power to avoid fires sparked by electric lines.

According to the FCC’s Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS), the number of cell sites out of service Monday due to the power shutoffs were 3.3 percent (up from 2.4 percent on Sunday.) Out of a total of 26,169 cell sites, 874 were out: 702 had no power, 88 were out because of transport issues and 60 were damaged, according to the DIRS report.  

Marin County remained the area with the highest number of cell sites out of service at 57.1 percent (up from 49.6 percent.) Of 280 sites, 160 were not operating. 134 had no power, seven were not operational because of transport issues and nine were damaged.

Cable and wireline companies reported 454,722 (up from 393,735 Sunday) subscribers out of service due to the power shutoffs; this may include the loss of telephone, television, and/or internet services. No outages of 911 services were reported.

No television stations reported being off-air, while four FMs were off-the-air. Two FMs transmitted their programming to other stations. Two AMs reported being off-air.

October 29, 2019

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