Mayor-Appointed City Task Force Tackling “Terrible Service”


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Germantown, TN Mayor Mike Palazzolo has assembled a public safety task force that will focus on bettering cellular service in the city, reported the Daily Memphian. The task force is comprised of members from various city commissions plus the Assistant Fire Chief, Deputy Police Chief, and Germantown School’s IT director.

Chaired by Alderman Rocky Janda, the city’s newly-appointed vice mayor, the task force will tackle the city’s “terrible service.”

Janda said: “It’s the number one issue I have [had] people call me about and talk to me about for a couple of years now.”

As part of their process, the task force will conduct citizen surveys, meet with service providers and tower builders, collect information, and examine what’s causing poor service issues, per the Memphian. The group will also create public awareness, develop a proactive action plan, and update the city’s new Germantown Go App to include a cellular service option.

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