Florida Mayor Fights Small Cell Legislation


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Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson is heading to Tallahassee to take on small cells, reported the Pensacola News Journal. Telecoms have begun applying for permits for upwards of 150 small cells in Pensacola and surrounding areas, and residents don’t want them in the rights-of-way near homes.

 Residents are torn between improved 4G connectivity and technology infrastructure overrunning neighborhoods. 

Resident John Heron wants the state to investigate potential health risks, specifically exposure to electromagnetic radiation, associated with the 5G technology. 

 “I just want it studied,” Herron said. “If we can install these things not so close to our homes, 15 feet from bedrooms and next to schools, then I think we should pursue that.” 

Due to two laws passed by the Florida Legislature in 2018 and 2019, local governments have almost no way to deny a permit for small cells. Robinson said on his trip to Tallahassee that he’ll push for the repeal of the two laws to restore local government’s ability to regulate their rights-of-way when it comes to small cell technology. Another point on Robinson’s agenda includes persuading legislators to force telecommunications companies to co-locate small cells on existing poles, per the News Journal.

October 16, 2019

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