Merdarler in Hot Water With FCC Over Tower Violations


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The FCC issued a notice of violation to Merdarler Enterprises, owner of a nearly 709-foot tower in Lake Butler, FL.

The Enforcement Bureau received a complaint earlier this month that none of the required obstruction lighting was working on the tower (ASR No. 1200586), which was erected in 1991, according to FCC records. A field agent inspected the tower. 

He stated in his report the Merdarler CEO said he was aware the structure had been unlit since early January and had turned off the electrical power to the tower.

The ASR for antenna structure 1200586 specifies a dual lighting system with red lights for nighttime and high intensity flashing white lights for daytime and twilight use, in accordance with FAA Chapters 4, 5, 7, 9, 13 of FAA Circular Number 70/7460-1H. According to the company executive, Merlarder did not make daily observations of the antenna structure’s lights, nor did Merlarder have a functioning automatic alarm system.

Further, another party, not Merlarder, reported the outage to the FAA. Also, the owner information on file at the FCC for the tower was out of date, according to the field agent.

The Enforcement Bureau seeks more information from the owner concerning the violations and any remedial action taken within 20 days. Any information given to the bureau does not preclude the agency from taking further action.

May 28, 2019

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