Mexico is Short On Towers and Long On Demand


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Don’t you wish you paid a little more attention in Spanish class?  You just might want to brush the dust off of that particular text book because the burgeoning telecommunications market in Mexico needs over 50,000 towers constructed to keep up with demand for service. According to a report from Mexico News Daily, the country currently has approximately 27,000 towers but needs at least 80,000 to effectively support its mobile broadband network. “There are few countries in Latin America, and perhaps in the world, as complicated as Mexico in terms of telecommunications infrastructure, and while this industry is often described as a gold mine, in reality it is very far from that,” analysts from TowerXchange said.

Former telecom near-monopoly Telmex-América Móvil was restructured in 2015, forcing the company to divest its tower operating business and create a separate company, Telesites, which made room for competitors in the market for the first time. Currently, Telesites, Telxius, and American Tower are the main players in the telecom market, according to Mexico News Daily. Foreign firms own almost half of the towers in Mexico. American Tower has invested approximately $500 million in projects across the country, including 8,000 towers, some 50,000 concrete poles and over 2,100 miles of fiber optic cables.

February 7, 2018   

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