Mobile Experts Releases CBRS PAL Auction Guidance


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A lot has changed in the months leading up to the anticipated summer FCC auction of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) PAL spectrum. Mobile Experts provides market analysis for the mobile infrastructure and handset markets. The firm has calibrated its original PAL valuation before the auction in two months, and issued new bidder guidance.  

Service providers are wondering how much PAL licenses will cost and how much they should bid. This new report considers present market dynamics and regulatory updates, presenting a fine-tuned prediction before bidding begins on July 23.  

“We updated our qualitative and quantitative analyses based on new facts and updated views on factors that have the greatest impact on spectrum valuation. We included the certainties, including specific county-based license areas, the minimum bid pricing, and auction mechanics, as published in the final auction procedures in this report,” said Principal Analyst Kyung Mun.

Mobile Experts used the latest auction procedure rules and the minimum bid pricing figure to estimate county-by-county spectrum pricing on a $ per MHz-Pop basis. All 3,233 counties in the United States, including U.S. territories, are included. The demand projection from the three primary business cases, i.e. mobility, fixed wireless access, and private LTE, were used to estimate demand for the seven PAL licenses per county.

“We are operating in a depressed economic environment due to COVID-19,” said Mun. “Plus, the proximity to the C-band auction scheduled for late December affects this auction. We discuss both in this new report, which is available now.”

This report adds information on top of the CBRS market study which forecasts the shipments and revenue for CBRS infrastructure and devices. For more information about CBRS shipments, click here. For more about the PAL valuation report, click here.    

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