Monopine Rejected in Grand Lakes


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An 140-foot “monopine” cell tower proposed by Vertical Bridge was turned down by the Grand Lakes Community Association (Texas) board of directors Monday night, after conducting a balloon test at the site and getting negative feedback from local residents. According to the Houston Chronicle, the board voted unanimously to reject the offer for the master-planned community of 2,800 homeowners.

One resident, Lijuan Wang, helped organize a petition drive, receiving 400 signatures from individual households. 

“The board has done their job,” Wang told the Chronicle. “We’ll wait and see if we hear anything back from the construction company. It depends what comes next and then we’ll react accordingly.” 

Board President Glenn Gesoff, said the property owner may have violated ordinances related to the site when they sold it to the developer. “It’s the opinion of the lawyer that a cell tower would violate a number of those restrictions,” said Gesoff.  He decided opposing the project was in the best interest of the community.

At an August board meeting L. Dee Thornton of Thornton Acquisition & Management Co. presented the Vertical Bridge proposal.

December 6, 2018

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