Monroe County Convenes Dead Cell Zone Project


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The Monroe Dead Cell Zone Project, sponsored by Monroe County, PA will meet (virtually) on March 4, 2021. The Project is excited to help Monroe County:

  • improve broadband availability
  • get broadband to under-served locations
  • reduce broadband pricing by 50 percent in each county
  • reduce and eliminate dead cell zones
  • get more funding for the project

The county projected that 90 percent of 911 calls are made by cell phones and designed the project to identify areas with little or zero cell service. The county followed up by launching a focused-campaign to get the wireless industry to eliminate dead cell zones. 

The county website stated: “We need municipal leaders to identify 6-to-8 preferred locations in their municipality for cell sites or cell site optimizations. Prior projects have created strong recurring revenue for volunteer fire companies, non-profits, resorts, community associations, school districts and municipalities. Of course, sites must meet all zoning and tower regulations.” 

If you have potential cell tower sites; email township and property tax code details to: [email protected] or contact: Kelly Lewis [email protected]. For more details on the meeting, click here.

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