Motorola Solutions Releases Products for Private Wireless LTE Networks


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Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) last week announced its Private Broadband for Critical Infrastructure solution. The company said it is the only technology provider with an end-to-end communications offering spanning voice, data, video and IoT across interoperable land mobile radio (LMR) and LTE networks. 

The new offering combines LTE service in the 900 MHz and CBRS spectrums to provide utilities, oil, gas and other enterprises with the bandwidth, data speeds and technical flexibility they need across congested campuses or in remote areas. The announcement follows the recent FCC ruling to realign the 900 MHz band to increase capacity for broadband use.

“Secure, resilient and reliable private broadband is essential to the continued modernization, increased operational efficiency and safety of our nation’s critical infrastructure,” said Bobbi Harris, Head of Membership Engagement at UBBA. “It underlies the sophisticated video, IoT, analytics and software our industry needs for enhanced situational awareness, advanced data capabilities and greater capacity for rapid response.”

The components of the Private Broadband for Critical Infrastructure offering include the new LXN 7900 product, which includes a radio access network (RAN) and core and will soon provide LTE service in the 900 MHz spectrum for critical wide area coverage and long-range data communications. The RAN exceeds industry standards for adjacent channel leakage and greatly reduces the risk of interference with neighboring narrow-band license holders.

The Nitro™ ecosystem, which provides CBRS connectivity, delivering high-speed broadband for campus-size environments with indoor and outdoor access points. Nitro is an immediate option for enterprises that need to migrate from WiMAX to an alternate data service in advance of the FCC’s October 17, 2020 deadline for exiting the spectrum.

The new EDG 4200 Smart Gateway Modem, which enables the seamless exchange of intelligence across 900 MHz, CBRS and carrier LTE networks via connected technologies. It is a secure IoT gateway, providing backhaul to a number of IoT devices, as well as robust remote device capabilities to enable scalable fleet management.

“Today’s critical infrastructure entities are addressing complex challenges, such as how to effectively monitor widespread and diverse areas of operation, recognize and evaluate threats to business continuity and enable the efficient flow of information across workgroups,” said Scott Schoepel, vice president, Global Enterprise, Motorola Solutions. “Our new Private Broadband for Critical Infrastructure solution lays the groundwork for capturing, analyzing and sharing the actionable data needed to reach new levels of efficiency, reliability and safety.”

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