Moultrie Middle School Site Mixes Money With Moaning


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Milestone Communications has been in talks with Moultrie Middle School to erect a 170-foot cell tower. As resident Jay McGinnis told WCIV-TV in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, “Overall, I think it’s a good thing.” Former teacher Robert Hopkins concurred, saying, “If the school could make money with the cell tower being on the premises, as a former Charleston County school teacher I know the schools could use some money.” 

The zoning board has yet to grant its approval, but reports of poor reception in the area speak to the need for a new cell tower. A nearby water tower hosts several antennas. There is no room for new carriers, so different options are being explored.  

Choosing Moultrie Middle School as the host site would improve connections at the school and in the one mile radius around it. It would also allow the school and residents to prep for the upcoming 5G rollout. The school district would earn $35,000 at the project’s inception, with an additional $30,000 per year in revenue disbursed by Milestone. 

Many residents agree with the proposition to erect a monopole at the school site, though others, like resident Carla Rosenburg, are opposed to the idea. “It’s like a giant metal monster,” Rosenberg told WCIV-TV. “It’s a neighborhood. It’s not an industrial area. There are lots of places they could have put that cell tower and it would have been better,” she added, “Not by a school. It’s just not what you should be doing.”  

November 8, 2019

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