MVG: The Smart Choice for RF Safety


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Over more than three decades, Microwave Vision Group (MVG), has developed unique expertise in the visualization of electromagnetic waves. Founded in France in 1986, the Group’s mission is to extend this unique technology to all sectors where it will bring substantial added value.

Year after year, while the Group develops and markets systems that allow for the evaluation of the characteristics of antennas, it has also developed a complete range of RF instruments to measure the level of EMF exposure.

“MVG’s RF Safety equipment is no doubt as good as its probe,” said Jim Acree, Business Development Manager for Antenna and RF Safety Products, based in Atlanta, “MVG engineers a high-quality probe that goes into every one of our RF Safety products. If you’re comparing similarly-priced products on the market, be sure that our quality is top notch.”

RF Safety instruments need to be reliable, FCC compliant, and able to pick up the required frequency ranges; MVG offers RF Safety tools for evaluation of exposure for workers operating near antennas as well as tools that are used in lower exposure levels to ensure general public safety.

As health and safety policies for EMF/RF exposure levels become more stringent, companies in the tower industry are looking to monitor levels to protect employees, ensuring that they return safely home to their families at the end of each day. Many of them have chosen MVG’s EMF monitoring devices.

“MVG is synonymous with RF Safety in Europe, and we have been in the U.S. market for five years now,” said Acree. “It’s important for us to speak about the benefits of our products to keep workers safe from EMF/RF overexposure in all 50 states.”

MVG offers different ranges of EMF measurement systems that are extremely easy to use and create a safer working environment close to all radiating sources such as telecom towers, radars, broadcasts, etc. The RF Safety PPM monitors RF levels with accuracy compared to regulatory limits and alerts the user to potential overexposure with visual and audio alarms. These devices are particularly suitable to withstand the tough working conditions because they are robust enough to recover if dropped, a key factor when working at high elevation.

RF Safety PPMs offered by MVG include:

  • EME Guard XS (80-6 000 MHz)
  • EME Guard XS Radar (80-30 000 MHz)
  • EME Guard XS 40 GHz (80-40 000 MHz)

“Our customers can be confident that the levels measured with our RF Safety products are accurate,” added Acree. “We offer an affordable solution that’s small, portable and easy to use while keeping workers safe.”

Historically, MVG has provided tools for a safer working environment and now, with 5G on the horizon, they’re poised and ready to continue their journey with the EME Guard XS 40 GHz model. “It’s more important than ever for us to solicit feedback from users all over the world; we truly listen to the people who are interfacing with the product every day to align with real-world usage to keep workers safe. So far, we are proud that the feedback has always been positive,” said Acree.

MVG works with a worldwide network of distributors of RF Safety products, covering over 60 countries. In the U.S., MVG works with some well-known local companies including Avalon, Perfect 10, Site Pro1, Midwest Unlimited, TESSCO, Connect-It Wireless, Talley, etc.

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By Keara Piekanski for Inside Towers

April 18, 2019

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